The Kranewitter (Juniper Schnapps) Association

I've been up there before, too!

A peak in the Zirmerhof Chronicles 1891: On the afternoon of St. Cyrillus Day, on the 9th of July in the year of our Lord 1891, a small group of Zirmerhof guests hiked up to the Grimm Ridge. The group passed by a thick patch of "Krannabitt"(Tyrolean dialect for "juniper"). The physician bent down and plucked a sprig of the juniper and stuck it onto his cap, mumbling something solemnly. He spoke to the womenfolk: "This precious, noble herb with its mysterious powers and energy is also particularly good against lightning.
Since then, all of the members vow to hold this "noble, prickly juniper bush in esteem for their entire earthly existence" and to cultivate true and harmonious fellowship.
The members enjoys the spirit of the Zirmerhof and contributes to maintaining and enriching its atmosphere.

Members of the Kranewitter Association