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11th May to 5th November 2023
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and off-season Meadow Houses, Alpine Hut Sommerstall, Grünweinhof Residence in self-sufficiency
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A wine tour to the South Tyrol

The real deal in hostoric vaults

For wine connoisseurs the cellar holds over 250 selected wines and two dozen Grappas and Aquavits. Amongst the wines is the PINUS Gewürztraminer from the Vineyard, which belongs to the farm. Fermented, bottled, racked or put into cartons, the wine finds the best conditions to develop in the cellar with its 500 year old walls. The cellar is not only for storage, but also a place for socialising with aperitifs, tastings and the opportunity to buy home- and farm-made produce as well as other selected specialities.