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10th May to 5th November 2023
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and off-season Meadow Houses, Alpine Hut Sommerstall, Grünweinhof Residence in self-sufficiency
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Summer holidays in Southern South Tyrol

Listen to the sound of the mountain ...

The region's numerous excursion destinations are an attraction. The Bletterbach Canyon and Geoparc is a unique attraction in Europe. Old wall foundations at Castelfeder point to a fortification from late antiquity and a prehistoric settlement. Visitors and observers are also rewarded with castles and palaces, a sculpture route, the Dürer Route and museums. For example, Reinhold Messner's MMM Firmian, the Ötzi Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mart) in Rovereto with its Casa Depero and the Arte Sella are all worthwhile destinations and international centres of art and nature. Along the wine route, vineyards and cellars will invite you in for viewings and tastings and the bowers of Neumarkt and Bolzano invite you to stroll and while away the day. Day trips to Lake Garda, the lagoon city of Venice, Mantua or Verona will give you a taste of the northern Italian culture and way of life.