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South Tyrolean Alpine hotel with a range of Wellness experiences

Wrapped up cosily from head to foot

Our Partner Vitalis Dr. Joseph is a firm working in the heart of the Alps since 1986 in the field of beauty, wellness & health. Its development of holistic programmes, methods & natural products is based on very high quality standards. Vitalis Dr. Joseph works with the most intelligent laboratory of the world: Nature. A quality brand aiming at merging centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge of regional plants, natural products and methods into a single wellness package.

Immerse yourself in the world of alpine traditions and pamper yourself with exquisite alpine treatments.

Body wraps - special down time

Pamper your skin to the fullest. The treatments on the softpack bed are based on promotion of circulation, the power of plants, hydrating the skin, and using heat to strengthen the effects for deeper relaxation and a return to the self. A partial body massage is an ideal finish for an especially lasting effect. Body and spirit on cloud nine. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request

Hay und juniper bath - Feel reborn, relaxed, stronger

Pure, untreated, natural meadow hay of Radein, selected medicinal herbs harvested from high-altitude meadows of the South Tyrolean Alps and the magical power of mountain juniper will help you melt away the fatigue of an intense day. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request

Detoxifying bath with alpine mud - deep alpine strength

A “wellness must” for lovers of alpine tradition. The alpine mud smells distinctively alpine. In combination with natural sediments, it works to detoxify the body through the skin – both invigorating and restorative. Deep, strong care, natural and powerful. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request

For a deeply moisturized skin with apple and rose hips - sweet allure

Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath. Apple extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin, and waxes - the perfect active ingredients to care for demanding skin. In combination with precious rose hips, it considerably improves the skin’s well-being and significantly reduces drying. Your skin will appear smoother and more supple. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request

Anti-aging with wine grapes and sea buckthorn - effective beauty

Pure regeneration – slip into a new skin. The combined power of wine grapes and sea buckthorn in this beauty wrap improves your skin’s ability to protect itself and provides a pleasant, silky feeling of well-being. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request

Care wrap with calendula and chamomile - gentle recovery

Enjoy a special pampering program. The activating and calming ingredients have a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. Your complexion will be refreshed and your skin made supple and radiant. | with partial massage 50 min

25/50 min | 46/84 €Request