Silent Storytellers

The best view in the world

That is what Josef Perwanger Senior thinks as his memories start to return, sitting on the "Almenröder bench" at Zirmerhof. As long as 35 years ago, visitors to Zirmer began donating benches in order to be able to claim a little piece of this beautiful landscape as their own. There are now a total of 53 on the site and each year, new ones are added. It is mostly regular guests who have benches set up. They feel a deep connection to the hotel and surrounding area. It costs 500 Euros to donate a bench. Peter Lantscher is the second generation of carpenters to build the benches. They are made of larch and each one is just as comfortable as the next. Today the Kranewitter Association takes care of the oldest benches and maintains them using members' fees.