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Wellness holidays in the Dolomites

Alpine messages

Enjoy the quintessence of active ingredients from the Alps, of personalized massage techniques and of the traditional cupping practice. These massages follow a precise procedure aimed at boosting intense detoxication, regeneration and relaxation. Consult our qualified staff!

Aroma massage - individual down time

Your completely personalized massage ritual. With the help of this massage, we can meet your individual needs and wishes. The modulated massage techniques, in combination with the select aromatic oils promote muscle performance. You will feel free, supple, and agile. Release tension and tightness – effective, holistic, traditional!

50 min | 79 €Request

Relaxing head neck massage

This unique treatment method with a extraordinary massage and precisely effective plant extracts smoothly releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep contact and a modulated individual treatment technique ensure a pleasant relaxation and a switch off from the stress of everyday life. The microcirculation is stimulated, vessels, sense organs and nerves are strengthened.

50 min | 79 €Request

Sophisticated back program - effective finale

A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!

50 min | 79 €Request

Dynamic feet and leg massage - incredible light-footedness

Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg massage that loosens the tissue, brings back the blood circulation and makes the head clear. For healthy, recovered, and relaxed feet & legs and a deep mental fitness; to take away for home: massage-copper glove.

50 min | 79 €Request

Herbal pouches massage - natural power of herbs

This herbal pouches massage is a powerful and intensive full-body treatment with precious natural oils, select herbal blends and unique combinations of active components. The herbal stamps are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure. This stimulating technique and the herbs used help to relieve stress, while the finest aroma massage oils bring you vitality. Start off balanced and full of energy!

50 min | 84 €Request

Basalt stone massage - rustic life force

At the beginning of this relaxing stone massage, the energy centres of the body are stimulated with pleasantly warmed basalt stones. The gentle massage that follows, with efficient essential Chakra oils, stimulates lymph activity and the body’s detoxification processes. Enjoy exceptionally deep heat and fragrant aroma oils in this stone massage – primal power for your body and soul.

50 min | 84 €Request