A land surrounded by legends

About giants, knights and white mountains

According to an old legend, the giant Grimm lived above Radein on the Weißhorn. He kidnapped a beautiful maiden from Eggental so as to take her to Jochgrimm as his wife. Her father called the knight Dietrich von Bern for help. There was a furious battle and finally there was a rockfall, which buried the giant and the kidnapped daughter beneath it. The blood is supposed to have given the rocks at the foot of the Weißhorns their red colour; even today it clearly differs from the white Dolomite stone that surrounds it.
It is said that the famous area of barren land, known as the Goldplatzl will never be green again because of a curse against the cruelty of the miners. The miners are meant to have skinned an ox alive in high spirits after finding a large amount of gold. Since then, no grass has grown on the spot where the bloody skin is supposed to have lain.
At the lower part of the Bletterbach Canyon is the Franzosenlahn. According to tradition, during the Tyroleans' battles against Napoleon in 1809, several fleeing French soldiers fell to their deaths in the canyon.