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10th May to 5th November 2023
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and off-season Meadow Houses, Alpine Hut Sommerstall, Grünweinhof Residence in self-sufficiency
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Romantic Hotel Zirmerhof in South Tyrol

Often copied, never matched

The Zirmerhof offers an unparalleled ambience. You enter a unique realm as you pass under the gate arches. Here, you can cast off the thoughts and troubles of everyday life and give in to the beauty of the house and the surrounding area. The place radiates both magic and power. Several hundred years of farming history lie within the beams and vaulted ceilings in the original farmhouse parlour from 1600, with its tiled stove and traditional Herrgottswinkel family altar in the cosy library and the other stylishly panelled rooms with open fireplaces. History and tradition are quite naturally preserved and continue to be practised. It has been this way for many generations.