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and off-season Meadow Houses, Alpine Hut Sommerstall, Grünweinhof Residence in self-sufficiency
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Zirmerhof's energy and environmental balance

The Zirmerhof estate forests (app. 100 ha) do not just supply wood for carpentry, joinery and local sawmills. The timber is also our most important source of energy. Since 2002, all of Zirmerhof’s buildings have been heated with our own biomass wood. This renewable, ecological energy is also used to heat the water in the baths and in the swimming pool. We work with a plan regulated by the forestry authorities, which insures our forests are renewable and will be protected in the future. All in all, the forest managed under this plan absorbs 411 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This corresponds to the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted by 263 automobiles, 15 methane gas power plants, or twelve oil heating systems. Since 2012, almost all of the electrical energy consumed at the Zirmerhof has been generated by our own photoelectric installation. The Zirmerhof is thus one of the few undertakings in the hospitality sector which is not only climate-neutral, but has actually achieved a positive environmental balance.