Cultural holidays in South Tyrol

Art tells a story

Art and culture are cultivated at the Zirmerhof. The renowned artist Ignaz Stolz (1868-1953) from Bolzano painted the Wandfresko der Heiligen Drei Könige (Three holy kings Fresco) and the five-part oil on canvas series featuring the Legend of the Giant Grimm in the Riese Grimm Saal (Giant Grimm Hall). The family owns several more paintings by the artist. The German lyricist and poet Eugen Roth visited the Zirmerhof several times during the winter from 1954 onwards and dedicated some "Ein Mensch" ("One Man") poems to the house. The alert observer will come across a wide variety of works by local artists of the last few centuries.
Natural science models from 1900 by Robert and Reinhold Brendel can be seen in the PINUS Wine Cellar. These are in a collection of all kinds of rare plant groups featuring 200 listed objects. Works of the South Tyrolean sculptor and painter Wilhelm Senoner will bring you from the pool right into nature.