Hotel & Restaurant Zirmerhof
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May 20th until
November 7th 2021
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Wine Tours

South Tyrol's best vineyards

Many of South Tyrol's finest vineyards can be found near the Grünweinhof Estate Residence. We will be happy to organise a wine tour you that is second to none. We will coordinate visits to producers such as Alois Lageder, Franz Haas, Manincor, Haderburg or a few establishments of the Freien Weinbauern (Free Winegrowers of South Tyrol) and book restaurants, taxis and cultural tours. We make it possible to get a taste of what only insiders experience. Contact us and let us know your preferred dates. We will be happy to have a personal talk about your tour.
A quite wonderfully idyllic place! Welcome to South Tyrol's Tuscany!