South Tyrolean Alpine hotel with a range of Wellness experiences

Wrapped up cosily from head to foot

Our Partner Vitalis Dr. Joseph is a firm working in the heart of the Alps since 1986 in the field of beauty, wellness & health. Its development of holistic programmes, methods & natural products is based on very high quality standards. Vitalis Dr. Joseph works with the most intelligent laboratory of the world: Nature. A quality brand aiming at merging centuries of alpine tradition and ancient knowledge of regional plants, natural products and methods into a single wellness package.

Immerse yourself in the world of alpine traditions and pamper yourself with exquisite alpine treatments.

Alpine Peelings

The ideal preparation for all baths and massages.


Hay peeling, enriched with extra-pure pink salt crystals, cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates tissue regeneration and leaves the skin looking cleaner, clearer and more luminous. The use of abrasive plant extracts intensifies the peeling effect, favoring perfect absorption of the active ingredients by the skin.

25 min | 40 €Request

Traminer Wine Peeling Zirmerhof

A very special wrap with grape skins from our own vineyard and oil. Rich in vitamin E and polyphenol, which is especially effective against skin aging.

25 min | 45 €Request

Alpine baths

Celebrate some special down time and pamper your skin to the fullest. The 7 elements of the VITALIS Dr. Joseph method make it possible to provide individual treatment possibilities. The direction the treatment takes is based on its key areas: promotion of circulation, the power of plants, hydrating the skin, and using heat to strengthen the effects for deeper relaxation and a return to the self. All body wraps include a cleansing liver pack and last 50 minutes. An ideal finish - a partial body massage for especially lasting effect. Body and spirit on Cloud 9. This treatment lasts 80 minutes.

We will advise you of the following active ingredients.

Healthy Baths

Hay & Juniper Bath

Feel reborn, relaxed, stronger.
Pure, untreated, natural meadow hay of Radein, selected medicinal herbs harvested from high-altitude meadows of the South Tyrolean Alps and the magical power of mountain juniper will help you melt away the fatigue of an intense day.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Swiss Stone Pine & Wild Thyme Bath

Detoxinate and peacefully relax your body.
Wild thyme stimulates the skin’s metabolism, reinforces the nerves and enhances dermal blood circulation. Combined with the rebalancing effect of Swiss stone pine on blood circulation and on health in general, this curative bath not only reinforces the respiratory system but also the nervous system.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Arnica & St. Johns Wort Bath

Let yourself absorb the toning force of the „flowers of the sun“.
This curative bath provides new energy to tired joints and muscles. The powerful combination of active ingredients of Arnica and of Hypericum helps remove stress and melt tension away.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Alpine Mud & Mountain Pine Bath

An absolute wellness “must” for those who love Alpine traditions.
The scent of mountain pine is unmistakably alpine, and in combination with fine-grained natural sediments it favours body detoxination through the skin. It also has a toning and strengthening action – an excellent starting point for a beautiful and healthy skin.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Beauty baths

Marigold & Chamomile Bath

Commit yourself to a special treatment for deteriorated skin.
Marigold and chamomile activate cell regeneration and have a soothing effect on irritated skin: the complexion acquires new freshness, dry skin returns smooth and irradiates new splendour.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Appel & Rose Hip Bath

Pamper your skin with a fruity and sensual beauty bath.
Apples abound in vitamins, mineral substances, pectin and waxes. This makes them the ideal fruits for skin regeneration and treatment. By combining apple with the precious rose hip, skin cell regeneration is considerably improved and dehydration significantly reduced. The skin’s elasticity is restored.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

Grape Seeds & Seabuckthorn Bath

All-round regeneration – enjoy your skin’s new sensations.
With grape seed of our own Traminer: The bath with wine and seabuckthorn, a cocktail of vitamins, combined with carotenoids, palmitic acids and procyanidins, protects your skin against oxidation-related stress and leaves it feeling wonderfully silky-smooth.

50/80 min | 68/99 €Request

  • cleaning, purifying, detoxifying
  • invigorating, stimulating
  • relaxing
  • renewing
  • nursing, against the signs of the times